E-commerce Development

Secure Online Shopping
Electronic commerce, or e-commerce, is an online revolution currently sweeping the internet. It provides businesses with an opportunity to market and sell goods and services online, locally or globally. Hemito Digital has pioneered e-commerce in India, helping clients to set up fast, integrated and secure sites that offer end-users a good online experience.
Integrated Shipping and Payments

Hemito Digital is a leading e-commerce website company that offers custom-designed e-commerce sites that provide efficient functionality including tailored ordering systems, secure payments and integrated shipping. Useful extras can also include document automation, such as email confirmations, related inventory management, electronic data interchange, supply chain management, logistics, order tracking, accounting updates, secure online payments, group buying and business to business trading.

Hemito Digital also offers professional photographic services to ensure a visually dynamic and appealing e-commerce site. A key element in our strategic e-commerce site design is a carefully-considered end-user experience. At smudge, we work hard to develop the best user experience (UX) design, user interface and customer experience. For e-commerce, factors such as secure online payments and efficient trading platforms are essential and we have the skills and experience to cover all the bases.

Additional value-added services that Hemito Digital offers in terms of e-commerce include items like data analysis, reporting on trade demographics, web contact information and social media interfaces. Layout of online catalogues and graphic design of a ‘virtual mall’ can also be provided.

E-commerce is a trillion dollar industry globally and growth of this form of business is growing rapidly both locally and internationally. It’s well suited to a diverse range of industries including retail, gaming and travel. Loyalty programmes are also a popular e-commerce option. Talk to us about e-commerce to explore new ways of engaging with your customers and securing a new stream of sales, income and profitability.